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  3D Camera      3D Concept
  What advantage is in your 3D cameras?
  • There is no special light requirement when taking 3D image.
  • Less space is required, 0.8m-1.2m distance from 3D camera to object that takes less space when you setup crystal photo business in shopping mall.
  • Fast speed taking 3D image - 0.4s, that allows you take animals 3D image easily.
  • Easy software operation, which allows you to process face and hair separately and solve the problem of 3D hair image processing.
  • Seamless integration with most 3D laser engraving machines in the market.
  • Lowest price in the 3D camera market and the most features/cost efficiency.
  • Reliable and stable.
  What are new technologies used in 3D cameras?
  • The passive light sturcture is utilized to scan the object information. Since it does not use laser, there is no "Eye safety" issues.
  • Multi-view and lighting-intensity gradient algorithms are used to capture 3D model quickly with high resolution .
  • 3D Model building time: about 45s.
  • Integrating 3D and 2D point cloud processing in one friendly software package.
  • 3D reconstruction angle scope from 0~180 grade.
  • It can take 1- 6 persons with two rows in one shot by using Z-M2 3D camera.
  Can you customize your 3D camera for our specific application?
  • Yes, we can customize our 3D camera specifically for your application. There may be some cost if it requires software changes or modifications.
  Would you provide more detail information of 3D concepts?
  What applications can 3D camera be utilized?
  • Medical plastic and hairdressing surgery .
  • 3D games and special effects for film and movies.
  • Mould copy and reverse engineering .
  • Criminal investigation, identity authentification and character's indentification of biology.
  • Digital 3D archiving of antique and commodity .
  • Personalized engraving crystal gifts and portrait sculptures.
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