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3D Cameras for Laser Machines

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The purpose of a 3D camera is usually to create a point cloud of points of the surface of the subject. These points can then be used to extrapolate the shape of the object , such as engraving 3D crystals. 3D cameras are very analogous to cameras. Like cameras, they can only collect information about surfaces that are not obscured. While a camera collects color information about surfaces within its field of view, 3D cameras for 3D engraving collect distance information about surfaces within its field of view. The “picture” produced by a 3D camera describes the distance to a surface at each point in the picture. Our technologies utilize Structured light and passive 3D image modeling. That doesn't need special light and background, and make 3D image taking much easier.

3D Cameras
 3D Image Camera  Z-L1
JPEG picture resolution 8 Mege-pixels
People captured 1-3 in one/two rows
3D reconstruction resolution 0.3 mm
Capturing time <0.5s
Exposure time 1/120s - 1/60s
Maximum vision area 32"(w)*22"(h)*14"(d)
Distance from 3D camera to object 59"
Environment light requirement any light intensity conditions, don't need additional lighting
Scalability Configured to capture face, chest, back and head
3D reconstructure angle scope From 0 to 180 degree at one view direction
Dimensions 16"(w)*5.5"(h)*8"(d)
Output Format STL, OBJ, 3DS, WRL, LTM and TGL
Input Format STL, OBJ, 3DS, LTM and TGL
Weight 7kg
Software OS Windows 2000, XP and Vista


3D Camera Z-L1
Price: $9,500.00

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ST-3000s super speed and portable 3D laser engraving machine
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ST-3000s Super Speed Small 3D Laser Machine

(1) Laser medium Nd: YVO4 diode pump laser.
(2) Engraving speed: 3000 points/s.
(3) Size of system: 22"(H) * 26"(W) * 16"(D).
(4) Power: 600(w).
(5) Laser Position accuracy: 5um
(6) Laser Engraving Resolution: 5um
(7) Power supply: 220v or 120v with 50/60Hz
(8) Max. Engraving size: 4"(X), 4"(Y), 4"(Z).
(9) Max. Crystal size: 6"(X), 6"(Y), 4"(Z).
(10) Air cooling system.
(11) Head of 3D laser machine: 1.
(12) Environment Temperature: 50-95F
(13) System weight: 55 kg.

The excellent stable, portable and small diode-pumped solid-state 3D laser engraving technology has been developed by our company. That is designed specifically for portable/movable business model. The ST-3000s laser crystal engraving machine fully utilizes latest laser technologies, using wide optical lense and reach super high engraving speed - 3000 points/s, and that allow you are able to engrave 2D/3D image into crystal with super fast speed. The most advantage of this new 3D laser engraving machine is smaller size, portable and low power consumption - only needs 600W. Actually you can easily bring or move the 3D crystal engraving machine to shopping mall or any where you like.

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