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LE-X3000 super high speed 3D laser crystal engraving system

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LE-X3000 Super Speed 3D Laser Machine Specification

(1) Laser medium Nd: YVO4 diode pump laser.
(2) Engraving speed: 3000 points/second.
(3) Size of system: 28"(H) * 27"(W) * 36"(L).
(4) Power: 1000(w).
(5) Laser Position accuracy: 3um
(6) Laser Engraving Resolution: 5um
(7) Power supply: 220v or 110v with 50/60Hz
(8) Max. Engraving Crystal size: 14"(X), 12"(Y), 4.5"(Z).
(9) Max. Crystal size: 14"(X), 12"(Y), 4"(Z).
(10) Color: Silver.
(11) Air cooling system.
(12) Head of 3D laser machine: 1.
(13) System weight: 110 kg.

Our latest super 3d laser engraving machine uses the most advanced technologies to integrate diode-pumped solid-state laser component and computer control software, which is very unique and creative 3d laser crystal engraving algorithm designs to achieve 3000 points/s. This 3d laser crystal engraving machine is able you to engrave 3d/2d laser crystal at super speed, which fit into customized 3d laser crystals and massive products. Also it still has smaller size, low power consumption and easily movable. Our LE-X3000 3d laser engraving machine has the lowest price in the world and there are few companies to be able to make these type of machine so far.

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