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Founded in 2000 and registered in Raleigh NC, our company (3d Crystal Creation) designs and develops 3d laser engraving machines by using our latest 3d laser technologies. Our target focus on innovation of 3D image creation and laser technologies, especially in advanced 3D image camera and laser crystal photo engraving technologies. Our company is made up of experts, professionals from areas such as computer-vision, digital graphics mechanism and laser engraving techniques. Through years of efforts and supports of our partners from universities and research institutes, our development and applications of 3D digitized camera and laser crystal engraving is one of the leading companies in this area, our products provides one stop solution for 3D crystal photo engraving business.

Our innovation of 3D camera technology combines Multi-view difference measurement and lighting-intensity gradient method (patented), which has the advantage of creating 3D model quickly, high resolution and accuracy. The most advantages of 3D vision system are:

  • No special light is required. For any conditions it can take 3D image right way. This feature is very important for 3D crystal photo business because the crystal engraving business might be set in any where.
  • Short distance (0.8m – 1.2m) from objects to 3D scanner. This merit provides less space needed with many 3D laser crystal engraving business model.
  • The human face and hair separation processing. This feature allows customer to optimize 3D crystal images engraved in crystals by separated processing.
Our promising 3D capturor technologies can also be used in many areas including Cosmetic Surgery, 3D Digital Entertainment, Medical areas and Sculpture/Art, etc.

Our laser crystal engraving technology is the best quality/price rate in the market. Based on application requirements the multi-heads of laser system provided by us accommodates different market needs. We provide one stop service including:

  • Provide analysis of 3D/2D laser engraving crystal photo business model. We know different business model fits in different market.
  • Suggest the strategy of how to develop unique business in your local area and provide the data of profits based on the existing models North America.
  • Free system setup and training for your business, and provide variety of styles and sizes, and the best quality of vendor information.
  • Since 3D/2D laser engraving crystal photo business is high tech related, service support is very important. We provide 24 hours/7 days free phone service and firmly support our customers.
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